Body Positivity To Increase Your Self Love

What Is Body Positivity?

Body positivity is a term that refers to the assertion that all people whether white or wheatish, skinny or fat deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how people and society view the ideal shape, size, and appearance.

Goals of Body Positivity Movement?

Various goals of the positivity movement include:

  • Challenging how the traditional culture and society views the body.
  • Accepting and promoting all the forms, shapes and sizes of the body.
  • Helping all the people gain confidence about their own bodies and accept themselves as they are.
  • Addressing the unrealistic and non-idealistic body standards.

Body positivity is not only about posing a challenge on how society views people regarding their physical appearance, shape, size, etc. It is also about recognizing that judgements and comments are often passed by the people to others based on their race, gender, body type and disability.

The main aim of this movement is to influence people to understand how the popular messages given by the media have a great contribution towards the relationship people have with their bodies. It includes the feeling people have about their bodies, clothes they wear, physical exercises they perform and self care.

You must understand the effect caused by such influences is made in the hope that people can develop a more healthier, perfect and idealistic relationship with their own self and their bodies.


Body Positivity was developed after the fat acceptance movement launched in 1960. The fat acceptance movement was launched to support the people who are fat, overweight and obese. It is mainly focused on putting a full stop on the fat-shaming culture and discrimination against people based on the size and shape of people’s bodies.

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance was established for the first time in 1969. They are continuously working to change the way people think and talk about weight.

Understanding True Meaning Of Body Positivity

While these days body positivity is becoming more and more popular day by day it is very important to know that people still get confused about the exact meaning of it. The reason behind all the commotion caused is that there are many different definitions all around the world for what this movement means.

Depending on the individual you are asking from body positivity means:

  • Appreciating your body how it is with all the flaws.
  • Feeling good and positive about your body.
  • Loving and taking care of yourself.
  • Accepting the shape, size and appearance of your body.

It can also mean to enjoy what you have and not punish yourself over what your body is facing or changes caused in your body due to aging, pregnancy and lifestyle changes.

Rise of Body Positivity

In recent years social media handles like Instagram have played a great role in promoting body positivity and body neutrality. A large number of magazines and companies have put in a lot of efforts to encourage this movement.

Problems Caused Due To Poor Body Image

The formation of body image tends to start very early in life. Unfortunately even the little little children suffer from a lot of dissatisfaction due to their physical appearance. 

Problems that can emerge as a result of poor body image include:

1. Depression

Depression is the most common mental disorder today. Compared to men, women are more prone to experience depression. Dissatisfaction related to physical appearance may play an important role in increasing depression.

2. Low Self-Esteem

Various studies suggest that body dissatisfaction is also related to poor self respect in teenagers regardless of their gender, age, weight and race.

3. Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are particularly related to sadness and dissatisfaction caused due to less confidence.

Body Positivity VS Body Neutrality

body positivity

The term body positivity encourages you to love yourself and feel good about yourself and your body no matter how it looks. It emphasizes on the fact that everyone is beautiful and perfect with their own set of imperfections. 

Whereas body neutrality on the other hand simply claims that everyone is. It focuses on the fact that you are more than your physical existence. Outer beauty is just a single parameter to decide your worth.

The Bottom Line

Body positivity refers to self acceptance. It is a process to help you feel confident, positive and happy about yourself. It can help you increase self love.

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