Digital Detox: Need for digital detox and its benefits

What is a digital detox?

Do you often find yourself stuck on your smartphone screen and scrolling endlessly over time? You are not alone. According to a survey, about 61% of people admit to being addicted to the internet and digital screens. A digital detox is a period of voluntary abstinence from the use of digital devices such as smartphones, computers, and social media platforms. This form of detox is becoming more popular as people spend more time on digital devices and the internet.

Need for Digital Detox

digital detox

A study found that about 25% of smartphone owners between the ages of 18 and 44 can’t remember the last time their smartphone wasn’t nearby. Here are few reasons for why everyone should perform digital detox

1.Social Media and Depression

A recent study found that users who spend more time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok are much more likely to report depression than their peers who spend less time on social media. It turns out that there is.

2. Addiction

If you find yourself spending more time online, or you just can’t force yourself to stop checking your feed, you might have an addiction with your mobile and other things like social media, games, etc. Digital detoxification may help to get rid of that addiction.

3.Sleep Problems 

According to the studies people who are in front of screens before sleeping may have reduced quality of sleep. Using smartphones during bedtime may cause various sleep related problems like insomnia, sleep cycle disturbances, etc. To get more information on the importance of sleep read this.

4.Changes in Social Behavior

People who are always busy with their phones may find a lot of problems dealing with people face to face. They suffer from lots of problems like social anxiety, low self esteem and many other problems.

5. Negative effects on Physical Health

Those who spend a lot of time on social media and mobile phones tend to be less active physically. Lack of physical activity can lead to various issues like unhealthy weight gain, laziness, obesity and other chronic diseases.

Motivation to start Digital Detox

Here are some of the reasons for why one should plan for a digital detox:

1.Concern about the development of addictive behaviors that some identify as Internet Addiction Disorder.

2.The goal is to reduce stress and anxiety caused by overuse of technology.

3.Reorganize offline social interactions and actions.

4.Reconnect with nature.

5.Improve your learning ability by reducing distractions and eliminating multitasking.

Benefits of Digital Detoxification

digital detox

You can improve your quality of life by getting rid of your device or making an effort to use it less. Here are few of the benefits of staying away from screens:

1.Stress Less Focus More

Several social studies have shown that taking planned breaks from smartphones and digital devices can reduce stress levels and improve mental health. It also helps you stay focused in the present and pay more attention to your surroundings.

2.Increased Work Productivity

Scrolling, liking, posting, or even just browsing the web can be time consuming. You can lose time from your responsibilities. Put away your phone so you can focus on what you have to do.

3.Feel more confident

Using social media apps makes you constantly compare yourself to others. This can affect how you see yourself. By spending less time on the phone, you can improve your self-image and self-esteem.

4.Improve overall health

Looking at your smartphone for hours can cause eye strain, dry eyes, blurred or watery eyes, and headaches. You can also lean forward when looking at your phone or screen. This can lead to back and neck problems. Cutting relieves different parts of the body.

5.Treat Insomnia

When your body knows it’s time to go to bed, your brain releases a chemical called melatonin that helps you relax and fall asleep. Lack of sleep over a long period of time can affect mood and health. A digital detox helps your body better control its sleep cycle. To read more about importance of sleep read this.

How to get started

If you find that your use of technology is interfering with your physical and mental health and/or taking time away from the things you need to do, it may be time for a digital detox. You don’t have to give up your device completely. Choose the method that best suits your lifestyle.

This means sometimes letting the phone sit for a few hours, figuring out how much you really need to use it, or disconnecting from the internet completely for a day or more.

Try these steps:

1.Pay attention to your emotions while using your phone. 

2.Schedule appropriate breaks from mobile.

3.Track your usage and screen time.

4.Avoid using mobile phones during bed time.

5.Turn off notifications.


Using smartphones and social media is not a bad habit. But using it in excess may have various negative effects on overall health. It can have various impacts on health. It can cause damage to eyes, reduce physical activity and make a person a couch potato.


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