Fitness Journey: A Guide to get started

Want to achieve your dream look by the end of 2023? If you are getting ready to start your fitness journey then read this. Fitness is all about being the new best version of yourself every day. It’s all about making a comparison between what you were and what you are. Although a fitness journey is not a piece of cake for everyone, it’s not as hard as you think. You just need to be consistent, you just need to be focused on your goal. To ease your journey and complete your dream to fit we are here with tips and tricks to get started.

Tips To Get Your Fitness Journey Started

Determine your goals

Ask yourself Why are you starting this journey? What is your ultimate goal? Your goal may be to lose or gain weight, gain muscles, reduce stress, or improve cardiovascular health. Determine your goal and start working on it.

Appoint a personal trainer

If you have never entered the gym and you don’t have any knowledge about the exercises and equipment at gym, the then consult a personal trainer. Two to three sessions with a fitness coach can give you enough information to start your journey well.

Make exercise a priority

Choose a schedule to do exercise. Make your goals a priority. Choose a fixed time and add workout in your to-do list. It will help you to avoid doing other work at this time.

Find a buddy

As well said, No journey is too long with the right company. Find yourself a person with the same goals as you. Then you both can cheer up and motivate each other to grow.

Follow workouts that you enjoy doing

In order to motivate yourself first try to find the exercises that entertain you, that give you happiness. Doing so will increase your interest in working out and then you can shift your focus on the essential exercises.

Start small

Never try to move a mountain in one day. Start by doing little everyday. This will help you to be consistent with your routine.

Expect Setbacks

Life has an unexpected way of throwing difficulties to you. It is possible that you are dead serious about your routine but some unexpected things bother you. At this time don’t lose hope, instead try to find even a little time for yourself. Even if it is something it is always better than nothing.

Celebrate your efforts

Always motivate and reward yourself for the smallest of the progress that you have made. Celebrate your efforts, your consistency. And remember to gift yourself something which can help you in your fitness journey like a new pair of sneakers.

Eating Healthy

A fitness journey can be overwhelming and exhausting. So it is very important to get the right nutrients and energy-rich food.

  1. Start with nutsIf you have the habit of munching on something all day long then replace your unhealthy snacks with nuts. Nuts are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein and can be consumed and munched as a  snack
  2. Say no to processed foods Avoid eating processed food items like fast food, canned foods and frozen meals as much as possible. Because processed foods have high quantities of additives, such as extra sugar, salt, highly refined oil, and preservatives which might interfere with your health.
  3. Stay hydratedWhen you are on your fitness journey don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated and increase the amount of water intake. Hydration is one of the most important factors that determines how healthy your body is.
  4. Eat your meals on timeHaving a schedule for every work makes it easier to do. So start eating meals at a fixed time to get faster and better results. Tap on this link to know the benefits on eating dinner early.


Here are few mistakes you need to avoid while being on a fitness journey:

1.Not doing the exercises the right way.

2.Doing too much too soon.

3.Not doing much.

4.Not giving yourself time to recover.

5.Doing something you hate.

6.Having an unhealthy diet.

7.Giving up too early.


Starting your fitness journey may not look smooth and you may give up at first, but your persistence will be determined by how much you motivate yourself through this grueling process. By preparing for failure and using the same setbacks as a source of motivation, you can continue this journey smoothly. Use the tips above to plan your health and fitness journey.


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