Know Post Benefits of Mustard Oil For Hair And Its Side Effects

Throughout this blog, we will be having a glance at the Benefits of Mustard Oil For Hair & its side effects too.

Mustard oil“? Yes, you read it right! Mustard oil or “SARSON KA TEL” is commonly used in our kitchen for making delicious food. Several of you might be thinking … Ewww that’s a bad idea about applying mustard oil in hair. But believe me, once you complete reading this blog, you will change your mind and find it an essential rule for good health. Mustard oil is not only worthwhile for the body but also has multiple applications such as, it can be used for stimulating the body joints and, it also does the job of a moisturizer in winter and helps the body with the cold.

Mustard Oil Benefit For Hair

Earlier, people generally used to massage their joints with warm mustard oil, as it helps to relieve the aches in the muscles and joints. For arthritis patients, doctors also recommend massaging with mustard oil, in order to relieve the joints and muscle pain. It is due to the omega 3 and fatty acids present in the mustard oil that decreases the stiffness and aches. Experts find it useful for boosting immunity. Can you believe that? Who would have thought that a simple oil we use in our kitchen has so many benefits? And there are never-ending benefits of mustard oil which is being used for ages.

Below we are presenting a list mentioning many benefits of mustard oil for hair.

Mustard Oil Benefit For Hair

1. Work as a natural conditioner

The oil is enriched with alpha fatty acids that make your hair bouncy and voluminous.

2. Provide nourishment to your hair and promote hair growth

A good massage with mustard oil can nourish your hair follicles and the presence of omega– 3-fatty acids is helpful in stimulating hair growth.

3. Help in reducing dandruff

As high erucic acid and ALA content of mustard oil, which is good for eliminating fungus naturally, is a root cause of dandruff. It may increase over time and may block hair follicles, causing hair fall.

4. Promotes hair growth

Since mustard oil is rich in antioxidants and many other nutrients, massaging your hair with it can stimulate hair growth. Also, mustard oil for hair will also make your hair shiny, soft, and healthy.

5. Boosts blood circulation

According to studies and statistics, the main reason known behind hair fall is under-nourished roots which are caused by poor blood circulation. Massaging with hot mustard oil improves blood circulation thus providing the much-required nourishment to the hair.

6. Used to reduce inflammation and pain

Mustard oil has a warming effect on the skin as well as on the scalp. It helps in reducing headaches caused due to colds and stress. Due to its antibacterial properties, it is also very useful to soothe the itching scalp caused by bacteria and fungus.

Well, these are some of the top benefits of using mustard oil. As every coin has two sides everything exist with its own pros and cons. So let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of using mustard oil.


Side-effects of using mustard oil

1. Can cause skin irritation

Mustard oil can act as a skin irritant for some people due to its natural compounds like sulfur. This can cause further problems like blisters, rashes, and lesions.

2. Harmful for skin and eyes

Excessive use of mustard oil on hairs and the scalp can cause irritation to the eyes and skin. The natural chemicals in it may cause skin or eye stinging.

3. Clogged Pores

Like many other oils, mustard oil can also clog pores if left on the scalp for a long time. Make sure to remove all the oil to avoid blockage of pores, greasiness in hair, and a pungent smell.

4. Not appropriate for children

Mustard oil cannot be used on babies due to its strong and pungent smell. It has a sharp spicy taste which can irritate the skin of small babies.

Extra Tips to use mustard oil

  1. Heat the oil before using it can make it more beneficial.
  2. Before using the oil for the first time do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to any of its compounds.
  3. Use mustard oil as a quick pre-shampoo treatment when you have no time for a nourishing hair treatment.
  4. For proper nourishment, heat the mustard oil, and apply it all over the scalp and length of hair. Keep the oil for one hour then wash thoroughly using shampoo.

Ways to use mustard oil for hair to solve various problemsWays to use mustard oil

  1. For soft and shiny hair: Mix yogurt and mustard oil in a ratio of 1:1. Apply this mixture on your scalp and keep it for approx 1 hour. Wash the hair using a mild shampoo. For best results use this pack once or twice a week for a complete month.
  1. To prevent damaging hair: Mix some mustard oil in Aloe Vera gel and apply the gel on your scalp. Leave it for an hour. After one hour follow your normal hair wash routine to wash your hair. To get effective results use it twice a week.
  1. To treat dry and frizzy hair: Take a banana, mash it properly and mix it with mustard oil. Keep it for 30-45 minutes and wash it. This will act as a natural conditioner for hair. It will deeply nourish and detangle frizzy hair.

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