Skin Aging: Know The Causes And Factors

Life is all about changes. Don’t you believe it? Just take a look in the mirror and see your skin. Every day you may notice a little change in your skin. But all the signs mean skin aging. The age of your skin is dependent on various factors like lifestyle habits, diets you follow, heredity factors, and personal habits.

What Is Skin Aging?

This condition is characterized by various symptoms such as wrinkles, fine lines, loss of elasticity, laxity, dry skin, and textured skin.

Symptoms Of Skin Aging

Although age is just a number according to millennials, it has a lot to do with our skin. Our skin changes as we start to age. The visible signs and symptoms of skin aging include:

1. Dryness

Dryness of the skin is when the skin becomes rough, dry and patchy. It leads to Itching and irritation in the skin.

2. Slack

Slack skin is a condition when the skin loses its elasticity. The loss of elastic tissue is greatly caused due to age. It makes your skin slack and hang loosely.

3. Transparent

Transparency of the skin is caused due to the thinning of epidermis(which is the surface layer of the skin) and dermis layer of the skin.


The increase in the fragility of the skin is caused due to flattening of the skin in the area where epidermis and dermis come together.

5.Bruised Skin

Once the skin starts aging it is more prone to getting bruised easily. This is caused due to thinning of the walls of the blood vessels.

6. Loss Of Fat

The loss of fat underneath the skin or the subcutaneous layer occurs in the cheeks, temples, chin, nose and eye area. This may cause problems such as loosening of skin, sunken eyes and skeletal appearance.

7. Bone Loss

After the age of 50 bone loss may become properly visible and cause various conditions such as slack skin and puckering of the skin around the mouth.

8. Cartilage Loss

The loss of cartilage in the nose causes drooping of the nasal tip and makes the bony structure of the nose easily visible.

Factors causing skin aging

skin aging causes

Aging skin doesn’t only occur on the body. It may change the appearance of the face. It is the very natural part of the process.

Some factors causing this condition include:

1. Smoking

The toxins included in cigarette smoke cause the exposure of the skin to harmful chemicals which in turn cause a great damage to skin.

2. Genes

Genetic factors are responsible for deciding the aging process of your skin. In some people the signs of the skin aging may show up early while in some they show up late. This is caused due to hereditary factors.

3. Sleep Habits

Sleep is a very important factor. It helps your skin to rest and rejuvenate. Poor quality sleep can increase signs of aging.

4. Age 

Age is the greatest factor related to skin problems. As you grow your skin also becomes mature and thus causing various problems.

What is Photoaging?

Photoaging is the term used to define the aging of the skin caused due to the overexposure of the skin to the sun. We all might have heard various cases about how overexposure of the skin can cause a lot of damage to the skin. But do you ever wonder how this happens? 

The Ultraviolet rays of the sun damage the fibers in the skin known as elastin. The breakdown and damage caused to the elastin fibers in the skin causes various problems like sagging of the skin, stretching and the skin loses its ability to snap back after getting stretched.

Tips For Anti-Aging

1.Protect Yourself From The Sun

One of the most important ways in which you can protect your skin is protecting it from the sun. Exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can damage it. For the complete protection of the skin you can:

  • Use Sunscreen
  • Wear Protectives layers of clothes

2. Don’t Smoke

Smoking causes the exposure of skin to harmful chemicals. It also contributes to making your skin look older by forming wrinkles. Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy skin you should avoid smoking. 

3. Treat Your Skin Gently

Overuse of the cleansing products can also be harmful to your skin. To keep your skin care gentle:

  • Limit Bath Time.
  • Avoid Strong Soaps.
  • Shave With Utmost Care.
  • Moisturize your skin properly.

4. Manage Stress

If your stress is not under control that it can cause more skin sensitivity which can result in breakouts and various other skin problems. To encourage healthy skin you should first learn to manage a healthy state of mind.


Although age is considered to be just a number, it is scientifically proven to have effects on skin. Skin aging is caused mainly due to increase in age. As we get old our skin also ages and shows various symptoms.


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