Vitamins for hair growth you should take today

Many people love to have good-looking hair. They consider it as a part of their health and beauty. And like any other part of the body, hair needs a variety of proteins and nutrients to grow. There are a lot of vitamins present for hair growth. They can help you to grow your hair long and strong.

While there are various factors like age, genetic factors, and many other external factors like pollution and allergy which can affect hair growth. There are always some ways you can adopt if you want to improve your hair health. 

Here I have tried to note down all the vitamins that can help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

Important vitamins for hair growth

If you want long and beautiful locks it is important to maintain the proper amount of nutrients in your diet. 

Although there is very little research on including proper vitamins for hair growth it has proven to be the right way to promote your hair health. 

Deficiencies of various nutrients like vitamin B,C,D, iron and zinc may contribute to hair loss.

Here are some of the vitamins you must include in your diet to gain benefits related to hair. 

Vitamin B

Hair loss has been associated with various types of vitamin B including Vitamin B12, biotin and folate. 

Biotin is considered as one of the most popular supplements used in products related to hair care, skin care and nail care. 

Along with that vitamin B12 is also very necessary to be taken in adequate quantities for hair growth.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that has various important roles which can affect your hair health. 

Some of the roles of vitamin C include:

It contributes to the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is a very important nutrient for hair because it helps in building keratin(which is an important part of hair structure).

It elevated the absorption of iron.

Protects hair loss that is caused due to oxidative stress.

Vitamin D

The deficiency of Vitamin D is highly associated with hair loss. Although there are many people who don’t get enough of Vitamin D through their diet it is very important to discuss with your healthcare profession to know if vitamin D deficiency is causing you hair loss.


Keratin is a type of protein that helps in making hair, nails and skin. It is naturally produced by the body and there are various supplements that help in elevating the production of keratin . Keratin is mainly found in protein rich foods like eggs, beans, fish and meat.


It is a very important mineral for various body functions such as carrying oxygen to the tissues throughout your body. Deficiency of Iron is the most commonly occurring deficiency all around the world. It can lead to various health conditions such as anemia, hair loss and other chronic health conditions especially in women.


Zinc is another very important multivitamin that contributes to the proper functioning of our immune system. Lack of zinc in the body can cause a lot of hair loss and hindrance in regrowth of hair.

How To Choose Hair Care Products

hair growth

Learn how to choose the best quality hair care products for yourself. Here are some parameters you should always keep in mind before selecting from a wide market of hair care products.

1. Brand Reputation And Quality Testing

Although it is a fact that different people need different things for their hair care. You can know your hair type and work on finding the products best suited for your hair. 

Also while buying the products keep a check on the list of ingredients mentioned there.

2. Types Of Supplements

Talk to your healthcare professional and ask him to order some blood work to know the cause behind your hair loss. After you have known your deficiencies you can start working on the vitamins for hair growth.

FAQs On Vitamins For Hair Growth

Do hair growth vitamins work?

In many cases, individuals find vitamins beneficial for their hair growth. Various nutrients like biotin, keratin, iron and zinc promote natural hair growth.

Are the hair growth vitamins safe to take?

Most vitamins taken for hair growth are safe to take when taken in proper proportions. More than normal amounts of such vitamins can cause damage and serious illness to the human body.

Suggest five best vitamins for hair growth.

Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Zinc And Biotin are among top nutrients useful for hair growth. 


There is no single vitamin which can elevate your hair growth. Hair health is not a one day process. It takes a lot of time to grow your hair and maintain hair health.


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