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Hello writers, DreamToFit is here to give all the writers a chance to write for us guest post. We frequently appreciate and tend to spotlight guest writers on our health and fitness blogs. We are ready to invite who can write for us health and fitness

DREAM TO FIT offers fitness articles related to subjects such as exercise, supplements, and high-intensity interval training. It also covers food and nutrition topics and general health and well-being trends.

What Do We Expect 

Yes, we do accept health write for us health and fitness guest post and are looking for all the interested and creative writers who can write articles related to health, fitness, natural health, food, and nutrition. 

Our Family: More than 50k people connect to us to know more about health and fitness.

Our following: In order to achieve our motive of creating awareness about the importance of being healthy we have also shared our content to our strong social media networks Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram thus helping people to become aware of their well-being.

You can health+ write for us guest post on following topics:

Write for us natural health

  1. Write for us health and fitness
  2. Write for us natural health
  3. Write on Yoga and Exercises
  4. Create on health and fitness
  5. Write for us food
  6. Emphasize on importance of being healthy
  7. Write for us health and wellness

Guidelines to keep in mind while preparing a write-up for our page

  1. Quality: Content must be of a high standard, well-researched and factual to avoid any doubts about its accuracy. It should be novel and user-friendly, not a recommendation. Preference is given to articles with useful advice and practical examples.
  2. Originality: To maintain validity, please ensure that data is sourced and free of plagiarism. We will confirm before publishing. All guest posts must be unique and authoritative (never published before). Your guest post should not appear anywhere on search engines. Once your contribution is approved for publication, please give us the copyright to own the content and refrain from using the same content in any other way.
  3. Length of the article: The minimum word count is 750, however, because creating awareness is one of our main motives, it can be exceeded.
  4. Inserting Images: You can insert various images related to your blogs. Including at least 3 images is a must for writing a post. Avoid using images whose size is larger than 100 KB.
  5. Format: Good formatting, including the correct use of bullet points, headings, and paragraphs, makes it easier for readers to read and grabs their attention. Clarify and simplify your sentences. Each point is distinct from the other and the use of bullet points makes the article clearer. If you’re reading a long article that doesn’t consider paragraph structure, use bold emphasis.
  6. Information about the author: Authors should hand over the following information:
      • Your email address will be kept private for the entire period.
      • Social media links can be provided if you are interested in promoting your work through us.
    • Note: We do not attribute your contributions to any company. We represent the item on your behalf as there is only one ownership to avoid ambiguity.
  7. Sponsored Posts: To put out and publish any kind of sponsored post/reviews/promotions you can drop an email to our official email ID challengingcoder@gmail.com
  8. Request to remove article: Once your article is posted on our website, it becomes the sole ownership of our website. Deletion requests will not be approved.


Do’s and Don’ts while you write for us guest post


  1. Add your personal thoughts and make your content interactive. Create ideas and suggestions, and don’t forget to post a FAQ with answers and explanations at the end of the article. This allows two-way communication.
  2. Whenever possible, support text with images. Avoid using copyrighted images. 800px images are preferred.
  3. Please be careful about fake news. If you find anything suspicious, do a quick facts check. Support them with research and development to make your writing concrete.
  4. The title of your post should be attractive and precise. It should describe the motive of your post. 



  1. Avoid paraphrasing and don’t repeat main points. This makes the article redundant and boring.
  2. If you’ve already shared the article elsewhere, you don’t have to share it with us.
  3. Once you submit your contribution, it may take up to two business days for it to appear. Please refrain from sending follow-up emails.
  4. Copying and pasting paragraphs is not allowed. It must be of your own creation. Only facts or quotes can be quoted and copied.


Steps to submit your guest post:

If you have written an article and you think that it matches our requirements and passes our guidelines you can send it on our official email  challengingcoder@gmail.com .

Start writing today and send us.