Beginner Yoga 101: A Quick Guide To Get You Started

Are you all ready to roll out your yoga mats? If you have never touched yoga we are here with a complete guide to beginner yoga.

Over the last few years, yoga has grown immensely and it has emerged as a global phenomenon over the past few decades. A practice that started thousands of years ago in the East has now become a modern lifestyle craze. This is because of the adaptability which allows people from all walks of life to practice it.

What Is Yoga?

The word yoga has its origin in the Sanskrit word “Yog” which can be translated to “yoke” or “union” of the body, mind, and soul. The process of uniting the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves gives a yogic person a chance to experience deep states of freedom, peace, and self-realization

Yoga is an ancient system which includes physical, mental and spiritual practices that have passed down through various generations. Yogic practices include various techniques such as breathing techniques, posture improving techniques, relaxation, chanting and various other methodologies to do meditation. 

Goals of Yoga

Yoga is a diverse collection of various practices that aim to control the mind. It is a system of liberation and self-discovery. These practices are aimed at recognizing a detached witness , consciousness. It is used to teach us to see ourselves clearly, to understand the difference between true and untrue, right and wrong. Yoga helps in transforming and purifying our bodies, minds and souls. Expanding our consciousness to help us connect with nature and the universe around us.

Let’s Begin With Yoga

Yoga is a proper and perfect combination of physical and mental exercises. The beauty and essence of yoga is that you don’t need a lifetime practice. You can start to reap the benefits of yoga as soon as you start it. No matter what your age is or what you are going through, yoga has the power to heal every wound and calm every mind. 

Beginner Yoga Poses

As per the 8 limbs of Yoga. The poses or the asanas are the building blocks of yoga. These are very beginner friendly and easy to learn. The poses are a complete body workout. Don’t try to rush. Move slowly and enjoy the process.

Here few of the poses

1.Child Pose

child pose

This pose is a very calming and effective default pause pose. You can use child pose to rest and regain focus. It helps you in stretching your lower back, hips, thighs, knees and ankles.

It puts your spine, shoulders and neck to relax.

When to do it : If you want a good whole body stretch to open up muscles in your neck, spine and hips.

2. Downward Facing Dog

downward facing dog

It strengthens the arms, shoulders and back. Downward facing dog position stretches Your hamstrings, calves and arches of the feet.

When to do it: If you want to relieve your back pain you can definitely try this pose.

3. Planks


To build your core strength you should try the planks. Simple yet effective exercise “planks” offers you an added advantage of strengthening your shoulders, arms and legs.

When to do it: If you are looking out for exercise which can provide strength to your upper body and tone your abs, this pose is a must for you.

4. Cobra Pose

cobra pose

This pose in which you need to bend your back can be associated with the strength of the muscles in your back. It helps in increasing the flexibility of the spine by stretching the chest, shoulder and abdomen.

When to do it: This pose is very beneficial to improve your flexibility.

5. Tree Pose

tree pose

To improve your balance and make yourself still and strong like a tree you can try this tree pose. It is helpful for the muscles in ankles, calves, thighs and spine.

When to do it: If you want to work on your balance and posture, this asan can prove incredible for you.

Tips To Get You Started

  • Wear comfortable clothes so that you can concentrate entirely on yoga.
  • Use a clean and non-slip mat to avoid any discomfort or injuries.
  • Avoid making comparisons, start where you are and try to improve yourself everyday.
  • Pay attention to your hands and legs because they are the foundation of your body.
  • Try to keep yourself hydrated because hydration is circular to your body regardless of the form of exercise you are performing.
  • Set your goals and intentions very clearly.
  • Start with healthy eating habits.

Beginner yoga poses are for those who want to get started with yoga. Yoga is considered as the best form of exercise because of its adaptability.


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